Monday, 17 December 2012



1.      1.What problems does multitouch technology solve?
Ø  Allowing you to use one or more fingers to perform  special gestures that manipulate lists or objects on a screen without moving
·         A mouse
·         Pressing buttons
·         Turning scroll wheels
·         Striking keys
Ø  Where multitouch gestures are easier to remember than commands
Ø  Because they are based on ingrained human movements that do not have to be learned, scientists say.

2.       2.What are the advantages and disadvantages of a multitouch interface? How useful is it? Explain.
Ø  Advantages
·         Able to manipulate lists and objects in screen freely with flexibility - you can quickly move back and forth through a series of web pages or photos by “swipping,” or placing three fingers on the screen and moving them rapidly sideways. By pinching the image , you can shrink or expand a photo.
·         Multitouch gestures are versatile and easier to remember than commands .
·         Easy to use, where you can control everything just using only your fingers.
Ø  Disadvantages
·         Small multitouch screen – the smaller the touch screen, less easier for people to use it. Vision to the screen will be blocked by fingers making the use of multitouch less efficient.
·         Unable to be use by handicapped person who lost the ability to use their hand properly such as Parkinson illness.

3.       3.Describe three business applications that would benefit from a multitouch interface.

Ø  Business transaction
·         multitouch screen equipped in automatic transaction machine (ATM) will allow people to do their business smoothly.
Ø  Digital Material reading
·         allowing people to read e-book just like ordinary book, where they can flip the e-book and zooming pictures with their  fingers making reading experience more exciting.
Ø  Electronic purchasing
·         Allowed people to purchased tickets for buses and movies easily and quickly without need to queue and waiting in a line.
Ø  Game application
·         Allow players to plays video games in different ways,  where video games will be play without joypads and just by touching in the screen.

4.       4.What management, organization, and technology issues must be addressed if your business was considering systems and computers with multitouch interfaces?
Ø  Management
·         Workers qualification
·         Employee training
·         Aims of company
Ø  Organization
·         Organization adaptation towards technology used
·         IT expertise
·         Compatibility between organization structure
·         Information system management
Ø  Technology
·         Technology adaptation
·         Technology compatibility
·         Society acceptance on the technology used
·         Technology cost and maintenance


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